Cabinet making course detail

12 week furniture maker's course

The 12 week course is intended as an introduction to furniture making and covers all the basics. After the course you only need practice, determination and imagination.

Some 12 week students have gone on to set themselves up in business, however our longer courses are more ideally suited to this. Each student will have their own handbook that they can take away after the course with important information and contacts. This also plots their progress on the course. If time allows, a small project may be started.

We teach, at every stage, the attention to detail required to make beautiful furniture, but we teach every student according to their needs, and as the student numbers are limited, we can really pay attention to everyone’s needs. After all everyone is different and so are their requirements.

Marc is in the perfect position to teach students how to aspire to perfection, having won the Claxton Stevens Award and four guild marks to date.

suggested 12 week syllabus

  • Hand tool selection - new, old, tuning & sharpening. Use of hand tools and accurate measuring
  • Glues - different types, strength comparison and correct uses
  • Abrasives - different types and correct use
  • Machinery - maintenance, identification and applications
  • Health & Safety
  • Hand power tools - routers, router tables, biscuit jointers, domino jointers, sander and drills
  • Joints - cutting, assembly, identification, construction
  • Templates
  • Jigs and small batch runs
  • Drawing - sketching, working drawings, rods, CAD
  • Cutting lists
  • Ordering timber - costing & estimating waste
  • Timber study - movement, moisture content, drying, defects and conversion
  • External timber yard visit
  • Veneering - selection, storage, preparation, hand pressing, vacuum bag
  • Laminating - cutting, thicknessing, invisible glue lines
  • Curves - steam bending theory, coopering, laminating
  • Finishing - types, applications, polishing, oils, bleach, colouring.
  • Options - welding, metal turning, power carving, steam bending practical (time allowing)


12 week course cost £6,500

See available dates.

Booking deposit £2000, remaining balance due on first day of course. Ring for help with funding. We take all major credit cards.

A budget for tools should be allowed, as well as materials for your own projects. Materials are provided for small samples and test pieces.

Click here to see Marc's suggested tool kit.

The studio is open from 7.30 am and closes after 6pm. This gives students plenty of extra practice time.

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