make your own skateboard
make your own skateboard
make your own skateboard

two day make your own skateboard course

With Laurent Peacock

Over this weekend course you’ll make your own skateboard, and take home a finished deck that’s ready to have trucks mounted.

You’ll be able to choose the size and shape of your deck (within certain limits), the colour of the deck grip, and how to decorate the base. You could laminate a fabric as part of the deck lay-up, laser etch a logo or small image, or apply stickers.

course content

You will:

– Press a ply deck using a vacuum bag
– Cut out, round off and sand the deck
– Drill truck mounting holes
– Apply deck grip
– Decorate the base of the deck
For an extra £25 we can lacquer the base of the board for you to protect decoration and stickers.

Cost: £275 + £50 for materials

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19 - 20 May 2018

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