Advanced furniture makers course

Start dates: 14th March & 5th September 2022

The one-year advanced course is aimed at those who may have trained elsewhere or are self taught to an already high standard. If you already feel you know the basics and want to push yourself further and explore your creative side, this course is ideal for you.

You will cover more advanced subjects including mixed media making, computer aided design, model making, metal working including casting theory/comissioning and welding. Business topics can also be covered such as accountancy, legislation, and marketing, which will be helpful areas if you are looking to start your own business. We also take trips to exhibitions and have guest lecturers to teach additional topics.

Four projects are usually completed in the advanced year, and the projects will be designed by you with guidance from your tutors. You will be encouraged to push yourself, explore new techniques and experiment with materials and finishes. Our photographer will produce your portfolio, which you can use to promote your business or gain employment. All of our students also leave with a graded diploma, which can also help you to gain employment.

Advanced 50 Week Furniture Design & Makers’ Course