robinson house studio certificate

At robinson house studio we are aware of the pressure from potential employers for a recognition of skills or certain experience before they employ people. With this in mind, combined with a concept of better personal development, we decided to introduce our own grading system for students completing our one-year course. We have looked long and hard into this and it took a couple of years to complete what we think is an exciting development at robinson house studio. Marc is a visiting lecturer with Eastbourne College and used his time there to help in the development our own grading system.

what does it mean to me?

Something to strive for, a mark of achievement. The certificate does not interfere with the day-to-day course and runs in the background. Regular meetings will assist and inform you of your development. Although our certificate is not registered with a governing body, it is a mark that indicates the standard you have achieved. This combines with a portfolio of projects you have completed to help gain employment.

how does it work?

Each student is graded throughout the year on attendance, craftsmanship, design understanding, discussion, contribution, aptitude, application, attitude, health and safety and three of your projects.

what does it mean for the studio?

The studio has been teaching students for many years now and we have a good understanding from previous years what students can achieve and what impact this has on them when they leave. They have set the bar and the standards are high. For the studio, it protects our reputation; you can no longer just say you have been here. What grade did you get? It is not enough just to attend as we have limited spaces available per year and we want committed students. If you get a distinction here you must have done very well and will be very employable.