Upstairs is where the students’ workshop and Theo’s workbench is, alongside Marc’s studio and office. It also has two separate rooms which are used for student appraisals, photoshoots, teaching specific classes etc.
The student area has 15 benches, ensuring each student gets their own bench and tool wall. This is where a lot of the teaching takes place, and students learn to use hand tools such as chisels, planes, and saws, and develop their skills in using them.


The machine room is downstairs along with a spray booth, large kitchen, bathrooms and reception. There are also 5 bench rental spaces where professionals work making bespoke and commercial pieces.

As well as the standard machines you’ll find in woodworking workshops, we have a range of extra machines that let students try new techniques. We have a membrane press for working with veneers, a 3D printer, laser cutter, and tools for metalworking.

Marc's Studio

Marc’s studio is situated alongside the student bench area. This is where all Marc’s work is created, with students being able to watch professional makers like Marc, Chris (pictured) and Dillion.
Students will view Marc’s studio creating unusual designs and commissions, and see how much research, testing, ideas and development goes into each piece’s creation.

Office & Library

Marc’s office is a place for staff and client meetings alongside all day-to-day admin.
Marc keeps a reference library of over 400 books that are available to students during workshop hours, the books cannot be removed from the upstairs studio, we unfortunately lost too many!
There is also a materials library, boasting over 1200 samples.