Our senior Tutor Theo Cook writes regularly for Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine.

Here are some of his articles to date, each will open in a new window as a PDF:


The Pencil Gauge – Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine #255

One of the best ways to master the art of using hand tools is to use them to make tools of your own.

Theo Cook demonstrates a few tricks of the trade in the making of his bog oak pencil gauge.

Read the full Pencil Gauge F&C article by Theo Cook here.


Laminated Serving Tray – Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine #265

A project robinson house studio likes to do with every student is a serving tray.

It covers more things than any other project you can complete in a week.

Read the full Laminated Serving Tray F&C article by Theo Cook here


Impossible Dovetails – Australian Wood Review #95

With surgical precision, Theo Cook shows how to cut dovetails with complex angles and achieve a perfect fit.

A very complex Japanese dovetail joint.

Read the full Impossible Dovetails Australian Wood Review article by Theo Cook here




The Slippery Slope to Perfection – Furniture & Cabinetmaking #258

Theo Cook explains how to made a tried-and-tested shooting board.

The design is based on the concept of the Lie-Nielsen skewed shooting plane.

Read the full Shooting Board F&C article by Theo Cook here