furniture making courses

We provide a range of furniture making courses in East Sussex, ranging from weekend courses/classes all the way up to two year courses. We offer a range of weekend courses in subjects like wood finishing, dovetailing, and making a wooden hand-plane. We also regularly run a one week introduction to hand tools and furniture making course, for anyone looking to get started in woodworking or any hobbyists looking to expand their knowledge.

The great thing about our short courses is that as well as being fascinating, hands-on courses in their own right, they can also act as tasters for anyone looking to do a longer course with us. If you’re interested in taking a 12 week course or longer but want to get a feel for the studio and the workshop, meet the tutors, and see what the place is like, you can take one of our shorter courses and if you do go on to book a long course we’ll refund the cost of the short course against the cost of the long course.

We’ve got a range of longer courses so you can pick one to suit you. We have a 12 week course to cover all the essentials in detail with time to complete a small project, as well as a 24 week course which gives you more time to get some hands-on practice in our fully equipped workshop. We recommend the 24 week course for international students who want to do as long a course as they can on a visitors’ VISA.

Our one year course lasts a full 50 weeks, with two weeks off in December, which means you can really make the most of your time here since we don’t have terms and long holidays. One year students cover all the essentials with plenty of time to really hone your skills, and they get the time to complete three of their own projects, as well learn about other, more advanced topics. Our longest course is two years, which gives students time to produce six projects and develop a great portfolio of work.

All of our courses are suitable for complete beginners – we’ll teach you everything you need to know and give you plenty of time to practice and develop your skills. If you have some experience already, maybe you’ve been working in the industry or have been a committed hobbyist for years, then our one year advanced course may be for you. You’ll cover more advanced subjects like mixed medias and model making, and will have time to complete four projects.

If you have any questions, do get in touch. We can give you further information on what exactly the course covers, to see if it’s right for you and your career plans. We can also offer advice on practicalities like accommodation. Have a look at our FAQ page to see if we’ve answered your question there.