If you don’t already know our head tutor here at robinson house studio Theo Cook, then you should know he has a biog/cv that most makers could only wish for!
Theo often shares his work and passion for woodworking on YouTube and has amassed a significant following over the years. Here we share with you some of his best videos with a short introduction to each. Happy viewing!

Theo’s video about his journey making wooden planes:

Theo talk us through his collection wooden hand planes

Click here to view details of the next course by Theo Cook on How to Make a Wooden Hand Plane.

Japanese Dovetail

This joint is “insanely hard to make” and that’s from the master craftsman Theo Cook so yes it will be extremely difficult to make! But the video is absolutely essential viewing just for the sheer awe-inspiring joint!

Theo Cook’s Japanese Dovetail

Further down in this list you can also view a video tutorial on how to create a Japanese Dovetail, It’s simpler than above (phew!) but also a stronger joint.

Strongest Dovetail?

Which dovetail is strongest? Japanese dovetail or the standard dovetail?

How to Make a Bronze Scraper Plane

In this series of videos, Theo will show you the process of making a bronze scraper plane. Watch the achievements and challenges in this three-part video series.

From making a mould to polishing the surface of a bronze plane

How to Draw Curves

Pro woodworking tips from Senior Tutor and Vice Principle Theo Cook at robinson house studio.

Creating curves

Japanese Dovetail Complete Tutorial

Here, Theo Cook shows you a step-by-step tutorial on how he made this joint and the techniques used.

Hungry for more Japanese dovetail imagery? This short video shows the joint being put together. Mesmerising!

Theo Cook on YouTube
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