Christian Watson

Having left school to join the creative industry, I wasn’t sure where to start. After researching areas, I was interested in I found that Marc’s courses and ‘robinson house studio’ were exactly what I was looking for as I wanted

Luke Olney

Prior to my time at robinson house studio I had worked as a carpenter both on site and in a workshop. I realised I wanted to pursue making bespoke fine furniture and felt that a course with Marc at the

Thibaut Degenne

My year course at Robinson House Studio has been a very valuable experience thanks to the high quality learning environment that Marc Fish offers to his students. Marc adapts his teaching to each individual according to their skills and confidence,

Gordon White

Having worked in Software Engineering for a lifetime, I wanted to develop practical skills with tangible results and hopefully make something I could be proud of. The course has provided me with an insight into the exacting standards necessary to

Duncan White – 12 week course

I followed Marc’s 12 week course and am delighted with what I learned and achieved. Marc is an excellent teacher. He is thorough and patient and adapts his advice well to the ability and confidence of each and every student.

Dan Ryder Cook

During my time at Robinson house studio I learnt how to combine traditional making techniques with modern design.