furniture making diploma course one year

This one-year course is aimed at those who maybe are looking for a career as a maker in an employed role. No distractions, no designing to worry about just pure making. This may appeal to those who want to concentrate just on making, maybe find the design element daunting or are just not interested in it at this stage of their learning or career.
All the same elements of the 12 week course are covered and these can be read here. You will cover subjects that will enable your skill level to grow as a maker. A high level of craftsmanship is taught with attention to detail being paramount. Marc is in an ideal position to teach the skills required from a maker as he is a judge for the Guild Mark Scheme at the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers, holding four guild marks to date and wining the Claxton Stevens Award. Check out the skill level of our other members of staff here.
Three or four projects are usually completed in the year, the projects can be set by us or be designed by you with guidance from Marc. Our photographer will produce your portfolio, which you can use to gain employment.

All students leave with a graded diploma details about this can be viewed here.

50 week making course extras

The extra subjects below are options for the one-year course and students can choose areas that interest them. It could be a bit of metalwork or just continuning to get woodworking skills.

  • Steam bending, coopering
  • Power carving
  • Materials
  • Metalworking - welding, brushing, cleaning, stainless, mild steel, powder coating, spraying, casting, lathe and milling
  • CAD one week, CNC machines
  • Three or four projects per year
  • Outings to exhibition


One-year Makers course £16,000

Start dates January, May & September each year.

Booking deposit £3000, a payment of £3000 is due 30 days prior to start date. On first day of course £4000 is due and the remaining £6000 at week 25. Ring for details on help with funding.

A budget for tools should be allowed, also materials for your own projects. Materials are provided for small samples and test pieces.

View here to see Marc's suggested tool kit

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The studio is open from 7.30 am and closes after 6pm. This gives students the potential of having 2500 hours of bench time. Maybe you would like to come in at the weekends? Well, we welcome that and this could increase your hours to over 3000 just by doing one extra day. This is the equivelent to two years expected of an employee.


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