Fine furniture course project

make a Kernov inspired hand plane with Theo Cook

Over the course of the weekend, students will learn how to make a wooden plane. This will involve skills such as bandsawing, routing, drilling, shaping with a spokeshave, sanding and finishing. Students will be provided with a comprehensive booklett at the beginning of the course and leave with a completed plane and the skills and knowledge they need to repeat the exercise on their own.

This course is run by Theo Cook. Theo did his apprentice at Edward Barnsley Workshop, he also studied in the USA at James Krenov's school, the College of the Redwoods. Here he made the now famous Krenov handplanes which he now teaches to students at 'robinson house studio'

"Of course the really good plane becomes an instrument, it becomes something that you want to make music with."
James Krenov.

Materials and blades are supplied, however if students wish to use their own timber we can advise on sizes required and do the preparation work prior to the course start date if the wood is sent to us.





hand plane making course

2 day course

Tutor: Theo Cook

Price: £275 plus materials

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