Elliott Butterwick’s career has got off to a flying start

With not just one, but two Bespoke Guild Marks from The Furniture Makers Company for his two Norfolk Fens inspired designs.

The flooded Fens Console Table and The Marshlands Drinks Cabinet by Elliott Butterwick explores the relationship between the North Norfolk’s tidal swells and its salt marshes.

Both of these pieces were handcrafted and designed here at Robinson House Studio furniture school where Elliott trained as a designer maker on our 50-week Furniture design and makers’ course.

Elliott Butterwick and the MarshlandsDrinks Cabinet and Console
Elliott Butterwick and the MarshlandsDrinks Cabinet and Console

The curved, wave like  doors incorporate a similar marshland grass texture, in stark contrast to the luxurious sycamore interior and polished bespoke brass handles.

Elliott Butterwick and the Marshlands Drinks Cabinet

The doors of the Marshlands Drinks Cabinet were made prior to the carcass, to account for any spring back or twisting from the curved form lamination. The rest of the cabinet could then be made, working backwards from the inner dimensions.

Elliott uses both traditional and modern craftsmanship to push boundaries with challenging form and texture. Never losing focus of the narrative of each piece, he achieves excellence in artistry and storytelling.

Elliott was advised to enter his work for the Bespoke Guild Marks

“ I am truly honoured to receive not just one but two Bespoke Guild Mark Awards”

Elliott Butterwick

Each year director, Marc Fish and Theo Cook, RHS’s senior tutor, consider students’ final projects for appraisal and if they feel the piece meets the high standards expected they will be advised to enter their work for a Bespoke Guild Mark from The Furniture Makers Company.
Elliott’s talent was recognised at RHS and The Furniture Makers Company and his work has been awarded not one but two very prestigious Bespoke Guild Marks.

Elliott Butterwick and the Marshlands Drinks Cabinet
Elliott Butterwick and the Marshlands Drinks Cabinet

UPDATE – May 2024

Christopher Claxton Stevens Award 2024

Elliott Butterwick’s Flooded Fens Console and The Marshlands Drinks Cabinet, winners of two Bespoke Guild Marks for 2023 are automatically entered into the Christopher Claxton Stevens Prize 2024. This award is the ultimate accolade for designer makers. It is presented annually to the most outstanding design awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark by the Company, which recognises excellence in design, materials, craftsmanship and function for exquisite pieces of furniture. There is also a prize fund of £1,000.

Read more about Elliott Butterwick’s Christopher Claxton Stevens Prize 2024 award here.

And also…

WINNER of the World furniture category, Maker of the Year 2022 has been awarded to one of our amazing graduate Elliott Butterwick for his stunning drinks cabinet Marshlands.  The competition is organised by @woodreview.

Australian Wood Review

What the  wood review judges said:

A reserved and even sombre exterior, but looking closer, one discovers a delicate woven texture of marshland grasses set on wave formed doors, which once opened, reveal a light filled interior of satin smooth fiddleback sycamore. Despite the organic form and texture, or possibly because of it, there is a raft of technical sophistication in its construction and making. A truly outstanding piece.

Will Matthysen

Elliott Butterwick