Sputnik1 Stool, 4000 year old bog oak

I had completed one year of furniture design and maker’s diploma at Robinson House Studio (Marc Fish) at Brighton.

Prior to embarking on the course, my background experience and academics was in architecture. I had graduated from Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava with a Master’s in Architecture and soon after worked in various architectural practises in UK. I had spent three years as an architectural assistant at Leonard Design Architects and a year at CPMG architects in Nottingham.

Working in these architectural practices had been exciting, enlightening and had progressed my architectural career further – however, I was ready to dive into unknown territory and obtain new experiences. Hence, I joined Marc Fish studio furniture making atelier which allowed me greater artistic freedom and expression. Having worked on projects that are much more of a human scale has given me deeper understanding of design, techniques, materiality and the significance of having a vision and being able to translate it into a tangible form.

N23 Desk in walnut, dyed maple and brass
N21 table in stainless steel and smoked glass
Lubica Patekova