This wonderful low table was designed and made here at the school by our 50 week student Jed.

Jed Corbett a 50 week student at Robinson House-Studio, furniture design courses
Jed Corbett a 50 week student at Robinson House Studio

Jed says

“The inspiration for this project came from wanting to explore how natures treasures such as gold are hidden deep within rock and that relationship of beauty and darkness. Through this, I began looking into meteorites and the precious metals their cores contain .

“The textured inside of the table derives from the harsh , rough and cracked surfaces of the different rocks . The outer shape was inspired from the lunar craters seen on the moon . I also wanted to incorporate a smooth subtle elegance with the satin black to enhance the beauty of the gold leafed interior all concealed under a glass top.”


The table stands 380mm high and at its widest point is 1100mm in diameter.

Jed Corbett